Manage IBM ServeRAID 8k/8k-l8 Centos Linux

How do I manage Hardware Raid on a IBM ServeRAID 8k/8k-l8 from centos linux

Install ServerRAID Manager from IBM. For GUI interface use the RAIDMON and for CLI use arcconf

How to get ServerRAID Manager for Linux

There are two ISO’s for download. One is the ServerRAID Support CD and the Other is the ServerRAID Application CD.

We want the ServerRAID Application CD – ibm_sw_srapp_9.20-16999_anyos_32-64.iso

Go to IBM website and register.

Either do a search for ibm_sw_srapp_9.20-16999_anyos_32-64.iso or try this link here

Download the iso and burn to cd

How to install ServerRAID Manager on Centos

Insert CD into Server.

Go to CDROM -> linux_x86_64 (if 64bit) -> manager

Copy RaidMan-9.20-16999.x86_64.rpm to /opt folder

Install RAIDMan

# cd /opt
# rpm -ivh RaidMan-9.20-16999.x86_64.rpm

Install Dependencies

# yum -y install libXp

RaidMon and arcconf will be installed to the folder /usr/RaidMan/

How to use ServerRaid Manager

Go to folder /usr/RaidMan/

# cd /usr/RaidMan/

Start GUI:

# ./

Use CLI version:

# ./arcconf

How to check RAID status with arcconf

# ./arcconf getconfig 1

How to identify a drive (make drive light blink)

Get the Contoller, Channel and Device info from the status output.

Controllers found: 1

Reported Channel,Device            : 0,4

# ./arcconf IDENTIFY 1 DEVICE 0 4

How to identify a logicalvolume (all drives part of an array)

Get the Controller and Logicaldrive number info from the status output

Controllers found: 1

Logical drive number 1

Logical drive name                       : md0

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